Annual/Biennial Herbaceous

Annual/Biennial Herbaceous plants for sale.

Great Quaking Grass (Briza Maxima)

Annual : Pale green flowers: summer flowering : up to 60cm high : hardy (H6) : annual but self seeding: Sarah Raven says “a beautiful grass with flowers like rain drops” £2

Bishop’s Weed (Ammi Visaga)

Biennial : White cow parsley like flowers : summer flowering : up to 120cm high : hardy : sun or partial shade : lovely seed heads : Sarah Raven says “one of the best garden plants” £3 for tray of 6

Red Orach (Atriplex Hortensis Rubra)

Annual : Small red flowers with deep red purple leaves : summer/autumn flowering with equally attractive seed heads : up to 150cm high : hardy (H2) : full sun : readily self seeds : a truly spectacular addition to the cottage garden £1.50

Honesty (Lunaria Annua)

Biennial : light purple, dark purple or white : spring flowering : up to 100cm high : hardy (H6) : full sun or partial shade : a spring stalwart with the seed heads an added attraction and flower arrangers favourite £1.50

Foxglove (Digitalis Purpurea)

Biennial : purple or white : summer flowering : up to 150cm high : hardy (H7) : full sun or partial shade : native plant and loved by bees : no cottage garden should be without! £1.50

Common Evening Primrose (Oenothera Biennis)

Biennial : yellow : summer/autumn flowering : up to 150cm high : hardy (H7) : full sun or partial shade : self-seeds : classic cottage plant £1.50

Also available:
Acanthus Mollis, Acanthus Longifolius, Campanula Persicolia/Canterbury Bell, Aquilegia/Snap Dragon, Agapanthus (white and blue), Echinops Ritro, Helleborus Niger/Christmas Rose, Centranthus Ruber (white/white valerian), Lupin, Alstroemeria, Tradescantia, Penstemon, Verbascum, Pink Chrysanthemum, Polemonium Foliosissimum (blue/Jacob’s ladder)


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